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Application area

Large-screen splicing video processor switch application

Video splicing device is mainly aimed at small distance of the LED large screen design, multi-screen can be seamless splicing and open many Windows function, applicable to security monitoring, radio and television systems, Intelligent city, military command, video and exhibition, scientific research education and other industries; due to the unique industry requirements of video processors, Higher quality requirements for switch buttons

1. Switch button A control panel may be used to 30-50 switches, require switch feel pressure must be consistent.

2. The switch button\’s luminous color must unify, the complete consistency, sometimes also requires the two kinds of light synthesis color must be consistent, therefore for the switch the LED lamp request separations extremely high, Honyone for solves the LED light the unification, has to find the Taiwan factory manufacturer custom, in the welding craftPCB board production requirements extremely strict.

3. Switch to the high requirements, need to switch to waterproof, dustproof, can over wave soldering, high temperature requirements, Honyone Japan Asahi into the import of plastic materials, the German Bayer PC material, to ensure the switch of high-temperature resistance, and the permeability of the lid. 4. The switch internal contact uses the silver alloy contact point, all conductive body uses the thickened gold plating craft, guarantees the switch in the placement 3-5 years, still can the effective conduction, does not suffer from the outside temperature and the environment influence.