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Application area
Switch application of distance education recording and broadcasting system
With the growing popularity of video recording systems, the growing demand for videos and the extension of educational video applications, schools face the following problems with video applications:
1, record class classroom is not enough, the fine record broadcast classroom only can satisfy the partial need, if wants to carry on the application which and so on flips the classroom, needs the massive video, relies on the fine record to broadcast the classroom not to be economical, also cannot satisfy the need;
2, teachers, students, parents for the daily curriculum also has the need for recording, teachers to reflect on teaching, students and parents for review and preview, these videos, can not rely on the quality of the recording studio to meet;
3, the quality recorded in the classroom to broadcast the curriculum, you can conduct public classes, research and other activities, but for the evaluation of teaching effects and other applications, can not be satisfied with the best of each classroom has the corresponding equipment;
4. Open classroom practice in some areas,
But the quality of the recording and broadcasting program in the cost and implementation can not meet this application needs;
5, for the underdeveloped areas, the education budget is tight, the construction of quality record and broadcast classroom is difficult, but for the use of video broadcast to carry out the education of information needs are the same; All these facts reflect the rapid growth of the demand for video applications with the core of recording and seeding, only by one or two of the quality of the classroom, there has been a greater supply and demand contradictions, how to use Low-cost, easy to implement, easy to use, good management methods to solve this contradiction between supply and demand, Honyone has been with Hong-technology, Beijing Kaidi Xingye, Guangzhou Tian Yu Chong High Company normal automatic recording and broadcasting classroom program emerged.