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HONYONE new type with fuse input socket C14 full range to market

HONYONE latest IEC60320 standards with fuse C14 input socket series, varieties include: single fuse socket S - 03 f, double fuse socket S - 03 df series, and combining with the triad of switch socket, switch, fuse blocks and C14 the power input socket), including single fuse and the fuse can choose, can be solved in medical equipment, communications equipment, and other fields require full power (fire zero line disconnect) at the same time, ensure the personal safety of users, as well as preventing electromagnetic interference of the special requirements. In more than three years, HONYONE has realized all the requirements of full range, high current, double fuse and complete quality certification.

http://www.honyone.com/cn/products/class_13_1.html S-03F系列官网链接

Product features:

1. Convenient installation, screw fixed installation and clip installation. The power terminal adopts 4.8mm 187 quick-plug connection terminal.
2. Save valuable panel space for customers. Switch, fuse seat and power supply can be input into socket.
3. The full series of sockets meet the requirements of IEC60320 C14 standard, the current is 10A 250VAC, and the withstand voltage is 4KV for one minute.
4. The material of the product conforms to the fire protection standard of ul-94v0, and the ambient temperature is -25 to 70 degrees.
5. Fuse holder can choose single fuse or double fuse, which can cut off the fire line and zero line at the same time to ensure the safety of electricity use, as well as the requirements of special industries such as medical treatment.
6, three-in-one socket, switch can be customized, single pole single throw, double pole double throw function, switch light color and shell can be customized.
7. All products have obtained China CCC certification:

USA Canada UL no:E524811

certificate no. : 2019010204267168

Eu ENEC certification: certificate no. : 35-111332

Dutch KEMA certification: certificate no. : 35-111332

DEKRA CB certificate: certificate no. : NL-62298

Communications equipment, large screen control equipment, video processors, stage lighting equipment
Medical equipment, hairdressing equipment
Sports equipment, treadmills, massage chairs
Computer peripherals, household appliances
Film and television production equipment, security equipment

HONYONE Research and development department

January 12, 2022